May 28th 2019 : New REU students in the lab for summer 2019!

We welcome Joshua Taylor from North Carolina A&T and Michael Gladden from Winthrop University. Glad to have you around for the next 10 week in our lab!

May 10th 2019 : Logan received the best graduate teaching student award! Way to go Logan!
May 16th 2019 : Dr. Indrasekara and Dr. Fabris (Rutgers University) officially celebrated their first USA patent awarded in 2018!

Check out the details of our invention here. Fabris, L.; Indrasekara, A. S. D. S. US Patent No. US 10,024,800 B2 titled “Gold Nanostar Substrates for SERS Sensing in the Femtomolar Regime” published July 17, 2018

April 3rd 2019 : The first review paper from our group, "Recent Advancement in the Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy-Based Biosensors for Infectious Disease Diagnosis"  is now online. Congrats Amira and Logan!

We highlight the progress on the SERS approaches towards bacterial & mosquito-borne infectious disease diagnosis in the last 10 yrs & where we should be heading next. Check our paper out here.

February 1st 2019 :We are beyond excited to moving into our new lab space!! 

Thanks for everyone who showed up for our lab warming party. We are ready to do some cool science!!

January 2019 :  The new year is off to a great start! 

We are getting our new equipment delivered and installed. The new lab space is almost ready to move-in! We had extensive training sessions on using our new integrated confocal Raman and hyperspectral dark-field microscope. Can’t wait to play with these new toys!

October 12th 2018 Logan Hamm joined our group as a first year graduate student. Welcome Logan!
October 12th 2018:We had our first group meeting in Burson 113. 

Amira shared her previous research experience while we all celebrated Madeline’s B’day! 

September 13th 2018: Amira Gee joined as the first graduate student of our lab. Welcome Amira!
September 13th 2018:We started our research out in an interim lab space. 

Madeline with her first gold nanoparticle synthesis reaction. Thushara is doing the first run of aqua regia cleaning.

August 28th 2018 : We welcome the first members of the Indrasekara lab! 

Madeline Hicks and Thushara Arja joined as the first undergraduate researchers!

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