We are developing transformational and translational technologies through interfacial nanochemistry and nanoengineering


Our VISION is to use nanoscale materials and optical spectroscopy as tools to innovate translational technologies to understand molecular level processes, thereby advancing sustainable living and global health.

We use the synergy between the enhanced optical properties of inorganic nanomaterials and the intrinsic electronic, optical, and vibrational responses of molecules to develop new functional nanomaterials and analytical approaches. Techniques combining our light-based analytical approaches with the new functional nanomaterials will allow us to study different molecular level processes and also elucidate dynamic interactions between various interfaces of nanoscale materials and biological-chemical systems ultimately advancing both fundamental and applied sciences.
The outcomes of our work impact a wide range of fields including biomedicine, medical diagnosis, food and agriculture and also energy industry.

We are directing our efforts in three key areas:

  1. Fundamental Studies of Nanoscale Interfaces: We study the fundamental properties of the interface between nanoparticles and biomolecules to understand the structure-property-performance relationships and design nanomaterials-based systems with optimum performance.
  2. Bioanalytical Techniques Development: We design new nanometer-sized materials to develop light-based methods to probe the biochemistry in living systems. These new analytical methods will permit the direct readout of cellular and molecular biomarkers and advance the global health diagnostics.
  3. Translation-inspired Functional Nanomaterials and Device Development: We are using the chemistry and analytical methods to understand and control how engineered nanomaterials behave in complex biological systems. We address issues related to long-term safety concerns of inorganic nanomaterials to improve their therapeutic efficacy and delivery efficiency, and also issues related to integrating diagnostic assays into field-deployable bioanalytical workflows and devices.

Our research activities include, synthesis and fabrication of new optically responsive nanomaterials and interfaces, designing multimodal nanotransducers, characterization of the properties of and processes at nanoscale interfaces using single particle optical-vibrational spectromicroscopy and development of field-deployable nanoscale platforms.